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We all need a Lil’Bit in our life!

Posted on November 30 2017

I’ve spent my weekend gathering and collating a list of ingredients which you will not find in any of the products that we sell.  This list is still a work in progress, but will be available on our site soon!  There is so much to read, learn and digest. 

While I was having my shower after spending the day working on my ‘No List’, I started to look at the cleaning products around me.  Until now, I have always purchased products from the supermarket, believing that they were ‘natural/organic’ products if that is what the label said.  So I gathered all these products up, studied the ingredient list and much to my dismay, discovered they are full of ingredients that are on my No List! Oh no. 

I thought I was doing so well.  But I guess we can never trust a carefully-worded label.

I have always wondered how the so-called organic supermarket brands can be so cheap, but I figured - ‘Oh well, it says its natural, it works for me, who cares if it’s only $2.69?!’  The red face I have now.  Unfortunately, from my quick sqiz around the shower, no more cleaning products can be purchased at my local supermarket as they all contain some of the nasties on my No List.

Since then, I have been busy researching natural, organic, toxic-free cleaning products and came across a gem!  This product has been carefully created, with a lot of love, by a lady in her own kitchen.  I love her passion for creating these amazing cleaning products, and her careful selection of ACO certified Australian suppliers to her labels and packaging - I cannot wait to share this with you all.  I’ve decided we all need a Lil’ Bit in our lives, and I’m so happy to be stocking these cleaning products, which are free from anything nasty.

Here is a list of the products we are stocking from Lil’ Bit.....

May Chang & Clementine Dishwashing Liquid

This May Chang & Clementine dishwashing liquid is made in small batches from simple natural and organic ingredients. Its high-impact on greasy dishes and zero impact on the environment.  Also is septic safe.  May Chang is a beautiful Australian native oil that smells like lemonade icy poles, paired with Clementine it will give your home a beautiful, fresh citrus burst.


Spanish Rosemary & Sweet Orange Chrome & Glass Cleaner

This Spanish Rosemary & Sweet Orange Chrome, Mirror and glass cleaner is made in small batches from a blend of natural and organic ingredients. Your shiny surfaces will be left streak free and clean as a whistle.  Spanish Rosemary has a softer, more menthol aroma and paired with Sweet Oranges will have you transported to the Spanish Countryside.



Niaouli & Myrtle All-Purpose Disinfecting Spray


This all-purpose Niaouli & Myrtle spray is made with the highest quality, potent organic essential oils to keep your home free from germs, viruses and bacteria. It is made in small batches from simple, natural and organic ingredients. 


Niaouli is a species of Melaleuca and is native to Australia. You may know it as the paperbark! It has an earthy, fresh, minty aroma and is packed with anti-fungal and antibacterial properties so is great to use in the bathroom or any places where mould and mildew may be an issue.  Myrtle is also a great antibacterial and has an aroma that’s slightly camphoraceous – much like Eucalyptus, but softer and sweeter. Mixed with the citrus and floral scents also in this spray, your home will smell divine.


Sweet African Orange & Cinnamon Leaf Cream Cleaner

This Sweet African Orange & Cinnamon Leaf tub and tile scrub is made in small batches from simple natural and organic ingredients. Its super tough on kitchen and bathroom stains, while being gentle on our world.  Sweet African Orange has a more intense aroma than normal sweet orange and is renowned for its cleaning properties as well as smelling amazing - like orange cordial!  Cinnamon Leaf is less pungent than cinnamon bark but still has that incredible, comforting scent.


Cajeput & Himalayan Pink Salt Dishwashing Tablets

These powerful Cajeput Scented dishwasher tablets are made in small batches that clean your dishes while also deodorizing your dishwasher. Non-abrasive and made from a blend of naturally occurring minerals and salts. These tablets work wonders on baked on food - fill tray or pot with water, drop in a tablet and stand overnight.


What is Cajeput? Well it’s wonderfully aromatic Australian Native oil that smells similar to Eucalyptus but a tad 'fresher'.


Hard Water Note: If you have hard water, these tablets will clean and remove dirt and grease, however, your glasses will most likely have a few hard water spots and will not be 100% crystal clear. Add 1Tbsp white vinegar to the rise aid compartment as a rinse aid to help reduce spots.


Rosalina Toilet Cleaning Bombs

These mildly fizzy, Rosalina cleaning toilet bombs are made in small batches and not only smell great, but are also made from natural and organic ingredients. Rosalina is also referred to as the Lavender tea tree and is Australian Native oil packed with antibacterial properties. Its scent is slightly woody, camphoraceous and floral with rosy undertone.


Come on guys, let’s support a fantastic family owned Australian business, that has so much love and compassion for our environment.

Welcome Lil’ Bit to our family.

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